Boost & Chill

Boost & Chill

A program to support you in taking care of both mind and body in a way that feels good!

BOOST strength and stamina and create muscle tone with integrity. Nourish the systems of the body with mindful movement that slows you down and leaves you feeling, fresh balanced and CHILL.

This series is designed to help you lose weight, grow lighter and feel stronger in a way that is supported and leaves you feeling nourished, not depleted. Use as a daily regime!

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Boost & Chill
  • Mindfulness Meditation.mp3

    32.4 MB

    Audio Only version of the Boost & Chill Mindfulness Meditation.

  • BOOST (36 min.)

    A strengthening practice to stimulate metabolism and raise energy levels so you can rock your day!

  • CHILL (35 min.)

    A balancing practice to find ease and balance out the energy of the mind and body.

  • Mindfulness Meditation (17 min.)

    A little goes a long way! Pausing for a short period each day has proven to be beneficial for you to be healthy and happy. Use this simple and mindful wellness mediation on it’s own or with your yoga practice! Be with yourself fully each day to meet your full potential.