Dedicate - A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Dedicate - A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Get ready to transform tired energy into useful energy! Invite change, beckon growth, and discover your own unique rhythm.

Work your body, open your mind, and return to your heart.


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Dedicate - A 30 Day Yoga Journey
  • Welcome to DEDICATE

    Welcome to Dedicate! This video is the official kick off for your 30 Day Yoga Journey! In this short orientation video I share my top three tips for success with the program. Use today to set an intention and prepare for the journey ahead. You have already said yes to dedicating this time to tone...

  • Dedicate - Day 1 - Discern (49 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 1 Dedicate practice! This full length yoga session invites you to take the necessary time to drop in and focus on essential vocabulary that you will take with you for the whole 30 days. Set the tone for your journey as we DISCERN or recognize your reason for showing up.


  • Dedicate - Day 2 - Foundation (39 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 2 Dedicate practice! In this session we focus on all aspects of yogic foundation to equip you with the essential tools and sensibility to welcome transformation & take responsibility for your total well-being. This session focuses on action, alignment and energetic awareness t...

  • Dedicate - Day 3 - Observe (34 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 3 Dedicate practice! Our 30 Days Of Yoga series continues, workshop style, setting you up for an strong, fulfilling sustainable home practice. Day 3 invites you to reside in the role of the observer. Stick with this practice and you will have everything you need to get to Day ...

  • Dedicate - Day 4 - Feel (22min.)

    Welcome to your Day 4 Dedicate Practice! This 20 min low to the ground session invites you to focus on sensation. We will tend to the shoulders, the spine, the hamstrings and then end with a gentle core wake up. Keep asking "How does it feel?"

  • Dedicate - Day 5 - Flow (28 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 5 Dedicate practice! This 28 min practice focuses on the marriage of movement and breath to help guide you to a balanced flow state.

    The journey continues. Enjoy the pace of these early days, gather everything you need to move with intention and go with the flow! Trust the...

  • Dedicate - Day 6 - Core (28 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 6 Dedicate practice! Today's 28 minute yoga session focuses on strengthening your core. Need I say more? Implement your vocabulary thus far to make the most of your time on the mat today.

    Pregnant? Try subbing with this Heart & Hips practice for today's session. https://yo...

  • Dedicate - Day 7 - Surya (17 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 7 Dedicate practice! Today we honor Surya, the sun, finding a good stretch, the perfect rinse, and a welcoming of CLARITY.

    This 17 minute session is the perfect remedy after your Day 6 practice, too! Go at it with a gentle ease. Soften the shell.
    Salute the sun. Feel out...

  • Dedicate - Day 8 - Meditate (28 min.)

    Welcome to your Dedicate Day 8 practice! One week in the books!
    It’s day 8 and today’s gentle moving meditation yoga practice is a real treat. A comforting hug.
    An opportunity to stretch, release, calm, rejuvenate and restore. Bring a pillow and a towel or blanket if you have one. Enjoy!

  • Dedicate - Day 9 - Divine (25 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 9 Dedicate practice! All of your dedicated time to creating a vocabulary and setting a pace that is inspired by breath is about to pay off in total mind & body yoga session.


    Today's session builds strength, improves organ function and invites flex...

  • Dedicate - Day 10 - Expand (25 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 10 Dedicate practice! Use your vocabulary thus far to build strength, increase flexibility and EXPAND all possibilities. This full body session will replenish and help to clear any stagnant energy welcoming a clear mind and strong body.


  • Dedicate - Day 11 - Courage (23 min.)

    Welcome to your Dedicate Day 11 practice! Today’s 23 minute integrative yoga session is an opportunity to really lean in to your story.

    With lots of imagery and an opportunity to focus, to fall and to fly, your day 11 practice invites a presence like no other.

    Remember, your thoughts have...

  • Dedicate - Day 12 - Curate (20 min.)

    Welcome to your Dedicate Day 12 practice! Today's session is what it's all about. On Day 12 we explore the power behind curating your own experience on the mat.

    Strengthen the upper body, focus on hip release as well as abdominal and low belly tone. Continue to release stress and tension in t...

  • Dedicate - Day 13 - Space (21 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 13 Dedicate practice! The ultimate brain and body yoga practice!

    This 21 min integrative session is designed to bring a gentle opening to all parts of the body... and to your mind too.

    Pro tip: use your breath.

    It is through this type of practice that we begin to ...

  • Dedicate - Day 14 - Grace (20 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 14 Dedicate Practice! This efficient 20 minute total mind and body session builds on Day 13 beautifully. Your day 14 practice will soften worries and relieve stress and anxiety.

    If you are on Day 14 then I know you are dedicated to showing up and finding the good stuff.

  • Dedicate - Day 15 - Reveal (17 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 15 Dedicate practice! Today's 17 minute session is jam-packed with all the goodness you need to re-connect, rejuvenate and CHECK IN at the halfway mark!


  • Dedicate - Day 16 - Dulce (23 min.)

    Welcome to your Dedicate Day 16 practice! Titled DULCE, or sweet!
    Today’s practice is designed to feel like the perfect hug.
    You’ve earned it! May today’s session be sweet and supportive and may it serve as everything you need to smile and keep showing up for practice.

    Plus, there is massa...

  • Dedicate - Day 17 - Learn (26 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 17 Dedicate practice! The first 7 minutes of this 26 minute practice serve up a meditation and delicious floor work.

    Then, we stay low to the ground today choosing to ride the wave of the breath with a commitment not to mastering, but to learning.

    Are you working for y...

  • Dedicate - Day 18 - Love (22 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 18 Dedicate practice! A 20 minute practice to stretch, strengthen and anchor you in love.

    I love this program because it really proves that you can get strong, toned, more flexible and stable in your body without having to push, crunch or put yourself down.

    Today’s ses...

  • Dedicate - Day 19 - Listen (20 min.)

    Welcome to your Dedicate Day 19 yoga practice!

    You know how to listen to your body.

    So today, we start with some supine pranayama (and a little philosophy of course too) and we pull back another layer of the onion.

    Dedicate this 20 minutes to listening to what matters most.

    WATCH t...

  • Dedicate - Day 20 - Lead (20 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 20 Dedicate practice! A strong 20 minute Vinyasa yoga practice to help you lean away from mental chatter and to help you trust your instincts.

    I could not be more inspired and proud to share this journey with you!

    Be sure to read today's email! Let us know how you are ...

  • Dedicate - Day 21 - Light (20 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 21 Dedicate practice. Today’s 20 min yoga session is about incorporating the whole package.

    The total body.

    Not just as a work out, but as a means of exploration for something much more.

    Shine a little light in the dark places darlin’.

    I’ll guide you.

    The h...

  • Dedicate - Day 22 - Steady (22 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 22 Dedicate practice! Today’s 22 minute strength building yoga session brings our attention to the principle of Sthira, or stability.

    Can you move in a way that is strong and alert without pushing, forcing or creating tension?

    Condition the body and the mind to cultiva...

  • Dedicate - Day 23 - Joyful (20 min.)

    Welcome to your Day 23 Dedicate practice!

    Today we build on yesterday's steady and strong session. In this 20 minute practice we explore Sukha, or ease, dissecting what it means to find joy on the mat.

    Breathe deep, layer on the good stuff today and Find What Feels Good.

    Let me know h...