EMPOWER - Transformative Yoga Flow

EMPOWER - Transformative Yoga Flow

EMPOWER is my version of Power Yoga.

This 9 video class is focused on getting back to the best and most beautiful version of you.
Through building strength and shedding extra weight, this class will guide you to a lighter, more joyful and confident life!

EMPOWER is an at-home yoga class designed to take you to the next stage of your yoga journey. Shed off the old layers of paint and find the finest, most true and most beautiful version of yourself. We hope you will find this practice Challenging, Fiery and Fun!

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EMPOWER - Transformative Yoga Flow
  • Empower - Heart Phase 1 (45 min.)

    This practice is designed to connect you to your breath and get the blood pumping! This is my version of “Cardio Yoga” without all the frantic fitness frenzy!

    Though this practice is swift, I encourage you to move at your own pace and listen to your body. Allow the vinyasa to move with ease an...

  • Empower - Strength Phase 1 (42 min.)

    In this video we tap into the subtle power of the breath. We build total body awareness and STRENGTH. We balance our HEART practice with this sequence by holding poses longer and focusing in on the sensations of the body as we tone the muscles, increase mobility in the spine, and stretch it all o...

  • Empower - Heart Phase 2 (47 min.)

    The sequence gets the blood pumping, creating a full body experience for a total body workout. It is designed to ignite the spirit as you stretch, strengthen, and tap into the fueling breath. HEART 2 nourishes the nervous system, massages the internal organs, and invites self-confidence. Light yo...

  • Empower - Strength Phase 2 (40 min.)

    In this STRENGTH practice, we invite creativity and a sense of play into our core practice. Connect breath to movement and movement to breath as you move through the vinyasa and find freedom within the form. In this sequence we connect to our core, open the hips, increase stability, and turn it u...

  • Empower - Stretch & Restore (24 min.)

    This gentle and restorative practice is perfect for when the body is feeling tired or you have had a full day. Yoga is all about balance. Connect to your breath and practice this sequence when you are feeling tired, sore, or heavy from the day. This sequence is meditative and empowering. Claim yo...

  • Empower - Stretch & Soothe (40 min.)

    This sequence is great for an off day or when the body is feeling tired. This nurturing practice is great for the lymphatic system and is a good energetic cleanse. Tap into your breath and slow it down as you stretch and soothe the mind and body. Allow, release, and let go!

  • Empower - 10 Minute Butt Workout

    This supplemental video focuses on building lower backside strength and awareness. Tone the glutes and hip abductors! Trim the thighs! Keep a sense of humor and stay bright in the upper body as you work. Breathe deep and keep rocking! Smile and shape the lower backside with this quick supplementa...

  • Empower - 10 Minute Abs Workout

    This supplemental video focuses on building strength from the inside out. Strengthen and find support in the back as you tone the muscles of the abdominal wall. Great to add to a core practice or fit in when you have a busy day! Breathe deep, be mindful, and get strong!

  • Empower - Savasana (17 min.)

    In this guided Corpse Pose video, we relax and cool down. Grab a blanket or a pillow and take a rest. You deserve it. Let the body be still and quiet. Turn your cell phone on airplane mode. (I know, it’s hard for me too.) Relax. Renew. Rejuvenate. Reduce stress by quieting the mind and resting th...

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