Go With The Flow - Vinyasa

Go With The Flow - Vinyasa

This series moves and a swifter pace incorporating our Foundations of Hatha Yoga through a flow or Vinyasa style practice.

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Go With The Flow - Vinyasa
  • Side Body Flow

    Side Body Flow is a practice designed to help you get build strength, gain awareness and get unstuck! Balance strengthening with lengthening to improve your posture and live pain free. Move easy and with the breath. Counter time spent crumpled and slouched. Use the tools of yoga to move prana to ...

  • Feel Good Flow

    Yoga With Adriene, Travel Edition! Feel Good Flow! Shot on location in Playa Maderas in Nicaragua! This 20 min practice invites you to practice being present as you build strength and tone. Let go of your attachment to the past or future and use the tools of yoga to allow your present awareness t...

  • Freedom Glow Yoga

    Freedom Glow Yoga! Hop on the mat for this fierce, focused and fun yoga flow practice! Take this playful and mindful approach to cultivate heat from within, strengthen and tone! Learn this practice and then find freedom within the form as you build confidence, strength and stamina. This sequence ...

  • Shakti Power Flow

    Get ready to step into your power and kick some butt with this Yoga With Adriene - Shakti Yoga Flow.

    This full vinyasa yoga practice focuses on alignment, action and breath, guiding you through asanas that strengthen and move energy or shakti throughout the systems of the body. Use your brea...

  • Foundations of Flow

    It's back to school time and our Back To Basics series continues with Foundations of Flow (Vinyasa). This is a great video for beginners who want to try a Flow class at a local studio! Great for beginners looking to play with rhythm and pace safely on the yoga mat at home! Also great for ANYONE l...

  • What Is Vinyasa (5 min.)

    The Yoga With Adriene community has questions! Today we tackle the many meanings of Vinyasa! Join the conversation. Go deeper. The journey is the reward.

  • Yoga To Get the Juices Flowing (8 min.)

    Connect to your body. Connect to your breath. Stretch and awaken to your full potential! We acknowledge that sometimes a little goes a long way. You requested a quickie (HY) - something for those busy mornings or brief breaks throughout the day. Good for artists, mamas and papas, rockers, office...

  • Balancing Flow

    Use the tools of yoga to find balance and ease between the push and pull of every day life. Find a sense of ‘you’ as you explore and grow your home practice. Find what feels GOOD.



  • Freedom Flow (18 min.)

    In this 15 min Vinyasa Flow practice for all levels Adriene encourages you to find your own expression, breathe deep and connect to a strong foundation.

  • Yoga Flow - Body Moving!

    This 20 min Yoga Flow (Vinyasa) Sequence is an invitation to check in with your breath and get into your body. Yoga Flow with Adriene focuses on marrying the movement and breath and building strength and flexibility. Find What Feels Good!

  • Yoga For Detox

    Join Adriene for this sweaty cleansing Yoga For Detox practice! This detox yoga sequence is designed to make you sweat as you build strength and twist it out. Massage the internal organs, tone the body and shed weight with this mindful yoga flow for detoxification and digestion!

  • Freedom Flow 2

    Freedom Flow 2 is here! This yoga sequence is designed to inspire you to make your home practice or workout your own and find freedom within the form. Focus on proper action and alignment as you build strength, stamina and stability. #FREEDOMFLOW

  • Yoga for Digestive Flow

    Yoga Flow to make you glow, y'all. This yoga sequence is great for men and women post-holiday! Great for digestion and perfect for when you need a nice yogic kick in the pants. A full body work out for those winter months with encouragement to breathe deep and connect to something bigger. Get bac...

  • Travel Yoga - Revitalizing Flow

    Stretch your body and connect to your breath. Relieve stress in the shoulders and open your heart in this travel yoga sequence shot on location in Sayulita, Mexico! Seek out the horse and the donkey in the background too! Repeat this sequence to explore new strength and flexibility.