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  • Healing Practice - Beginner

    Stretchy foundational practice to restore the body.

  • Generosity Practice - Intermediate

    Grounding vinyasa practice to balance the body

  • Stay Open Flow - Advanced

    Core stability vinyasa to open and energize the body

  • FLOW_FWFG_April_2017.pdf

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  • Yoga at the Blanton Museum - Austin, TX

  • Rio 2016 - Summer Olympics

    NOTE: The FWFG team has been so busy for the past few months that we've ended up with a backlog of travel videos - some of them from 2016. We are working hard to get caught up.

    This video is a travel vlog from Adriene's trip to Rio for the Summer Olympics in 2016.

    Here's a note Adriene wr...

  • BALANCED-FWFG-March-2017.pdf

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  • REVOLUTION - Bloopers!

  • MEMBERS ONLY: FWFG Retreat + Discount Code!

    Hello dear friends,

    This message is sent with love to you, the FWFG Members!

    I hope it finds you feeling good.

    I wanted to send you a special invitation to the first Find What Feels Retreat at Madera...

  • COMMITTED-FWFG-February-2017.pdf

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  • Members Update - December 2016

  • FWFG Calendar - December 2016

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  • On-the-Go-Flow

    Per your request, an Intermediate Vinyasa you can do on the go! This mindful practice is swift, strengthening and done in under 20 min. This flow tones the muscles of the legs, back, arms and core. This practice will boost metabolism and get your heart-rate up in a way that is effective and feels...

  • FWFG Calendar - November 2016

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  • October 2016 - Members Update

  • FWFG-October-2016.pdf

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  • September 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar

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  • August 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar

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  • May 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar.pdf

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    Sometimes the months leading up to summer can be a time focused on taking away (diets, weight loss plans), how about we try something different this time? How about we focus on adding - adding mindfulness, adding strength, and adding awareness.

    Use the power of yoga to strengthen and tone your...

  • July 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar

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  • FWFG Vlog - July 2016

    An EPIC Vlog Update that gives a behind-the-scenes look at everything that happened in June - from Nicaragua to NYC to VidCon.

    Also...for the first time ever... behind-the-scenes bloopers!

    Special thanks to Danni Nicholls for letting us share her song "A Little Redemption" with you. Be sur...

  • Members Update - June 2016

    Here's a quick update from our retreat in Nicaragua! We tried to upload this earlier but didn't have enough internet bandwidth until we got back to the states. Be sure to search for the hashtag #FWFGNICA for more photos and updates.

  • FWFG Roadshow - The Shrine

    This is a video souvenir from the live Find What Feels Good yoga practice in Los Angeles on May 21st, 2016.

    Due to some technical limitations at the venue, the audio quality isn't up to our normal standard, but we really wanted to share this amazing day with you.

    This event was an experi...

  • Members Update - May 2016

    Download the Yoga Strong Calendar Here:

    More details on the FWFG LA Event: