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We've created these videos specifically for FWFG Yoga members. These aren't available anywhere else.

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  • Yoga For FOMO (10 min.)

    Yoga For FOMO: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) can be emotionally crippling and a real bummer. Nobody wants to feel left out. We can spend the evening staring into our phones wishing we were somewhere else, OR we can create our own fun by learning the art of arm balances!

    You can learn to fly in ...

  • Yoga For Menopause (57 min.)

    It is my great honor and pleasure to invite Marnie Castor on to guide you through this practice. Marnie’s wisdom, energetic care and authenticity is un-dismissible and contagious. I hope you enjoy this practice and her other sessions on the membership. They were so fun to make.


  • Members Vlog - March 2019

    Thank you for watching your monthly members vlog, from yours truly! In this video I talk about this month's theme which is reflected in the monthly calendar and shared as a group intention amongst our diverse community!

    I introduce a new guest teacher, Marnie Castor, who will be coming on boa...

  • At the Wall - Handstand Workshop! (16 min.)

    Per your request! I invite my friend Rey to help guide you a safe development of handstand! Remember to take your time, remember to be mindful and don’t forget to have fun. “The journey is the reward!”


    In this video, we'll cover a step by step break of how t...

  • Get Wheel - A Back Bending Practice with Rey Cardenas (36 min.)

    Welcome to GET WHEEL, a class on back bending! In this video, I welcome my friend and yoga teacher Rey Cardenas to teach us how to GET WHEEL.



    Wheel is one the scariest, most challenging poses out there. The challenge in wheel, and back bends in general, is ...

  • High Priestess Practice with Rey Cardenas (40 min.)

    I'm so happy to welcome back my friend and colleague Rey Cardenas! Rey is a master of symbology and alignment. With these two elements combined, I find his work and his way of sharing yoga to be just what the doctor ordered, especially for the at home yogi wanting to go deeper. He is kind, his he...

  • Members Vlog - February 2019

    Happy February FWFG Members!

    In this vlog, I check in post-DEDICATE, discuss our monthly theme of CARE, and share a very special invitation!

    Reserve your spot for our 2019 Weekend Retreat:

    Don't forget to find your updated coupon code at the end...

  • The Making Of Dedicate, A 30 Day Yoga Journey

    We made this video just for you, dear members! I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse behind the scenes on what once was a two person shoot with a couple of basic cameras and box lights.

    We have taken many leaps together each year, connecting more and more through the tradition of this 30 Day Yog...

  • Members Vlog - November 2018

    After returning home and taking some time to settle back in and process the epic 7 weeks in Europe for the EU Roadshow, your members Vlog is here! This special members only video is a wrap-up of the Roadshow and includes many behind the scene images. Watch closely, you might see yourself or a fri...

  • It's Cool To Be Kind - Full Live Class (90 min.)

    Take a trip out to the vast expanse of desert landscape in beautiful west Texas for this 90 minute yoga class led by Adriene and her 4 legged yoga assistant Benji. In this kind yoga flow, you’re invited to embrace the vibe of Marfa and...
    s l o w d o w n.

    Tend to your most important relat...

  • Members Vlog - September 2018

    Your September Members Only vlog is coming at you live from London! This video gives you a peek into a few 2018 Roadshow events too! Expect a full Roadshow recap next month!

    Have you been to a Roadshow event? Tell us when and where down below!!!

    Jai Namaste!

  • Yoga Flow To Unlock Creativity (27 min.)

    Join Adriene at the beautiful Art at the Den Gallery, right in the heart of downtown Austin. This new intermediate vinyasa flow is the third video in the 3 part Creativity Series.

    It is a swift 27 min practice dedicated to finding a little freedom and exploring creativity as a path to purpose...

  • ATTN: London Based FWFG Members

    London based Find What Feels Good members!
    In the spirit of community and access for all, @adidaswomen is offering free tickets to our sold out Roadshow Practice at Alexandra Palace on Tuesday September 18th!

    We would love to offer them to you, our beloved FWFG members first! If you can and ...

  • Meet The Artist

    Welcome back to The Den for an episode of “Meet the Artist” where Adriene chats with her long time friend and artist, Miguel Rangel.
    Take a tour of Miguel’s gallery in downtown Austin and hear about the inspiration for his current projects.
    In this video, Miguel and Adriene talk art and creativ...

  • Yoga For Artists (53 min.)

    Please join me and my special guest for this full length members only practice! This session will focus on the back, your neck, shoulders, arms and wrists. Relieve back pain, wrist pain and shoulder tension. Take time for yourself, practice mindfulness and get curious. Explore your body, breathe...

  • Members Vlog - August 2018

    In this end of August vlog, Adriene:

    - recaps the last community class of the summer at Fair Market before she hits the road.

    - previews the annual FWFG Roadshow, including wishes, dreams, and future ideas for it.

    - previews a new members 2 video series, Creativity Series coming next mon...

  • TRANQUILO (28 min.)

    A yearning for quiet, for space.
    Don’t worry. Relax.
    Find calm.
    Are you ready? Are you listening?

    Roll out the mat for this quiet, juicy practice.

    This FWFG flow practice invites you to increase flexibility, strengthen the body, and find the internal quiet your mind needs.

    This in...

  • FUEGO (44 min.)

    A burning, a desire, a call.

    Are you ready? Are you listening?

    Roll out the mat to stoke the fire within!

    This hot but steady FWFG flow practice invites you to stretch, strengthen, sweat and get your heart rate up.

    This intermediate session will focus on elements that awaken your fire...

  • Members Vlog - July 2018

    In this video, Adriene shares her personal thoughts on connection, how the community influences her life, and that feeling that we are not alone.

    Also, in this video:
    - A little about a new project Adriene has been working on.
    - Preview of the new members only 3 video series being released t...

  • Shanti Meditation (11 min.)

    From my heart to yours! Take a moment to connect to yourself and guide your focus inward with this delicious Shanti Meditation.

    No meditation experience is necessary to enjoy this sweet guided session. We will tune in, move through pranayama, and scan the body with awareness to cultivate power...

  • The Shanti Series - Calm Core (14 min.)

    This 15 min supplementary practice can be done with another session in The Shanti Series as a warm up, or, do on its own with the option to repeat for more.

    Your breath is a key component as we target the muscles of your abdominal wall and develop long lean muscles. This session builds core t...

  • The Shanti Series - Primal Peace Sequence (20 min.)

    This unique 20 min sequence invites mobility and flexibility in the shoulders and upper back body while building muscle and joint stability in the lower body. Get your heart rate up without causing the nervous system distress! Your practice and your work out should not stress you out. It should l...

  • The Shanti Series - Yoga Flow For Inner Peace (19 min.)

    This 20 min intermediate flow is designed to condition the body while cleansing the mind. If you are new to the practice and want to give go - I encourage you to! Simply move at your own pace, modify your vinyasa and stay focused on your breath.

    This series guides you to find peace here and no...

  • Members Vlog - June 2018

    Scenes from Mexico + Catch a Wave + upcoming NEW Shanti Series + your Members June Coupon Code!

    Take a moment and check-in in the comments and let us know how you are doing.

    We are one.