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We've created these videos specifically for FWFG Yoga members. These aren't available anywhere else.

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  • The Shanti Series - Primal Peace Sequence (20 min.)

    This unique 20 min sequence invites mobility and flexibility in the shoulders and upper back body while building muscle and joint stability in the lower body. Get your heart rate up without causing the nervous system distress! Your practice and your work out should not stress you out. It should l...

  • The Shanti Series - Yoga Flow For Inner Peace (19 min.)

    This 20 min intermediate flow is designed to condition the body while cleansing the mind. If you are new to the practice and want to give go - I encourage you to! Simply move at your own pace, modify your vinyasa and stay focused on your breath.

    This series guides you to find peace here and no...

  • Members Vlog - June 2018

    Scenes from Mexico + Catch a Wave + upcoming NEW Shanti Series + your Members June Coupon Code!

    Take a moment and check-in in the comments and let us know how you are doing.

    We are one.

  • Essential Oils For Well Being

    Essential Oils For Well Being - a fun exploration that inspires you to stop and smell the roses and find balance!

    In this video we will:

    -Focus on maintaining balance and wellness.
    -Talk preventative care.
    -Go over the benefits of specific oils.
    -Make a DIY foaming hand soap.


  • Magician Practice With Rey (29 min.)

    Arm Balance Practice - inspired by the first Major Arcana of the Tarot, The Magician!

    Join Adriene and Rey for practice! This short, playful arm balance practice is inspired by the first Major Arcana of the Tarot, The Magician. The Magician is the bridge between heaven and earth. Drawing from ...

  • Removing Toxins From La Casa + DIY Cleaning Spray

    I welcome Sathya to my kitchen to discuss ways in which we can remove toxins from mi casa! It's time. Once I started to educate myself on all the chemicals in my cabinet I couldn't turn back, I'm grateful to have Sathya on to share her smarts as well as hook me on this DIY cleaning spray. It is s...

  • Members Vlog - May 2018

  • Hip Stability - One Rule You Should Follow (21 min.)

    My guest series with Rey continues! In this session we discuss the importance of engaging the muscles that you are stretching.

    Rey and I agree that in life and in yoga we seek the minimum amount of necessary rules so that we can be truly be free. On the mat at home, there are no rules in my b...

  • Essential Oils 101 with Sathya

    I am so honored to have my friend Sathya Tripodi join me in my kitchen for the first of a three part series on Essential Oils! For this first one we will discuss a few basics to create a foundation for future conversations, DIY and topics such as going toxic free in the home!

    In this video we...

  • Shoulder Health and Wealth (28 min.)

    Join me in welcoming my friend, fellow yoga teacher and studio owner, Rey Cardenas.

    In this workshop style video we discuss activations for preventing or relieving shoulder pain. We also ask, what does it mean to have an advanced practice? And, can you have too much of a "good" thing?

  • Members Vlog - April 2018

    Respect, Mother Earth, Baby birds + April Discount Code!

  • Members Vlog - March 2018

    The monthly Members Vlog is back! Get the latest updates on what we've been working on and learn about our future plans for FWFG Yoga. We've been busy creating a LOT of new content just for you.

    Stick around for the end for this month's member discount code. This months code is good for 20% o...

  • Let's go to 1440!

    We are so very happy to announce that Adriene has been welcomed on as faculty at the beautiful 1440 Multiversity!

 Check your email for a letter from Adriene with all the details or you can read all about it in the FWFG Members forum here:

  • Austin Roadshow 2017 (1 hr. 38 min.)

    Austin, Texas.

    October 15, 2017.

    The final stop on the Find What Feels Good 2017 Roadshow.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Also, we've got a few Self Love T-Shirts left:

  • LIGHT - 7 - Crown (30 min.)

    LIGHT 7 - Crown

    Pure awareness. Consciousness. You.

    Realize. Your self. Not your self image.


    A joyful journey.

    Your best self, divine. That self knows the way.

    Tend to and explore the energy of the seventh chakra through this unique practice designed by Adriene.


  • LIGHT - 6 - Third Eye (30 min.)

    LIGHT 6 - Third Eye

    Receive. Honor. Direct Intuition.



    Tend to and explore the energy of the sixth chakra through this unique practice designed by Adriene.

    Third Eye - Anja - Dark Purple


    This unique yoga practi...

  • LIGHT - 5 - Throat Chakra (30 min.)

    LIGHT 5 - Throat

    Move with awareness. Express. Practice. Practice connecting the dots to communicate with your truest Self.

    Tend to and explore the energy of the fifth chakra through this unique practice designed by Adriene.

    Throat - Vishuddha - Blue

    This unique yoga practice is des...

  • LIGHT - 4 - Heart Chakra (30 min.)


    Open. Open to Love.

    Tend to and explore the energy of the fourth chakra through this unique practice designed by Adriene.

    Heart - Anahata - Green

    This unique yoga practice is designed for you to return to again and again...

  • LIGHT - 3 - Solar Plexus (29 min.)


    You can. You will. You already are.


    Tend to and explore the energy of the third chakra through this unique practice designed by Adriene.

    Solar Plexus - Manipura - Yellow

    Self Esteem

    Today, use the movement to gene...

  • LIGHT - 2 - Sacral Chakra (30 min.)


    Connect. Feel it out. Ride the wave.

    Tend to and explore the energy of the second chakra through this unique practice designed by Adriene.

    Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana - Orange


    Find momentum. Learn your flow. Tap i...

  • LIGHT - 1 - Root Chakra (29 min.)

    Return home. Ground to rise.

    Tend to and explore the energy of the first chakra through this unique practice designed by Adriene.

    Root Chakra - Muladhara - Red


    Lay the foundation for exploration and expansion! Open your mind, listen ...

  • Strength With Soul - Intermediate Flow (20 min.)

    20 minute Intermediate FWFG Members practice! Use this swift practice to cultivate heat and build stamina and strength. Move with breath and ease. Get strong but remain centered, not depleted. Set in the most serene and peaceful location while I was in Oahu... thinking of you.

    Jai Namaste...

  • Hip Flow (20 Min.)

  • Pillar Power Yoga (35 min.)

    This Pillar Power Yoga practice is a 35 minute intermediate practice to help you build muscular strength in a sustainable way. In this session we focus on power and focus working from the core out. Move with the breath and meet your appropriate edge with the fierce practice.

    Shot in the yoga ...