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We've created these videos specifically for FWFG Yoga members. These aren't available anywhere else.

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  • LIGHT - 1 - Root Chakra (29 min.)

    Return home. Ground to rise.

    Tend to and explore the energy of the first chakra through this unique practice designed by Adriene.

    Root Chakra - Muladhara - Red


    Lay the foundation for exploration and expansion! Open your mind, listen ...

  • Strength With Soul - Intermediate Flow (20 min.)

    20 minute Intermediate FWFG Members practice! Use this swift practice to cultivate heat and build stamina and strength. Move with breath and ease. Get strong but remain centered, not depleted. Set in the most serene and peaceful location while I was in Oahu... thinking of you.

    Jai Namaste...

  • Hip Flow (20 Min.)

  • Pillar Power Yoga (35 min.)

    This Pillar Power Yoga practice is a 35 minute intermediate practice to help you build muscular strength in a sustainable way. In this session we focus on power and focus working from the core out. Move with the breath and meet your appropriate edge with the fierce practice.

    Shot in the yoga ...

  • FWFG Roadshow - The Shrine (1 hr. 54 min.)

    This is a video souvenir from the live Find What Feels Good yoga practice in Los Angeles on May 21st, 2016.

    Due to some technical limitations at the venue, the audio quality isn't up to our normal standard, but we really wanted to share this amazing day with you.

    This event was an experi...

  • Yoga at the Blanton Museum - Austin, TX (78 min.)

  • FWFG Roadshow - Austin (1 hr. 41 min.)

    Join the kula for a full-length yoga practice shot during the 2015 FWFG Roadshow stop in NYC.

    It's over 90 minutes long and a little rough around the edges. But we think it really captures the spirit of a live YWA event.

  • Winter Wonder-Land - Yoga Jam (1 hr. 37 min.)

    Shot at Salvage Vanguard Theater in Austin, TX - December 19, 2015.

  • Yoga for Self Worth (18 min.)

    Part of the 3-part Self Care Series.

  • Yoga For Self Confidence (28 min.)

    Part of the 3-part Self Care Series.

  • Yoga for Self Love (23 min.)

    Part of the 3-part Self Care Series.

  • Mindfulness Meditation (17 min.)

    A little goes a long way! Pausing for a short period each day has proven to be beneficial for you to be healthy and happy. Use this simple and mindful wellness mediation on it’s own or with your yoga practice! Be with yourself fully each day to meet your full potential.

  • CHILL (35 min.)

    A balancing practice to find ease and balance out the energy of the mind and body.

  • BOOST (36 min.)

    A strengthening practice to stimulate metabolism and raise energy levels so you can rock your day!

  • Viva La Revolution - 05 - Get Relaxed (26 min.)

  • Viva La Revolution - 04 - Creative Core (32 min.)

  • Viva La Revolution - 03 - Sthira Strong (30 min.)

  • Viva La Revolution - 02 - Get Energized (29 min.)

  • Viva La Revolution - 01 - Sukha Gentle (26 min.)

  • Viva La Revolution - Introduction

    Time on the mat can often remind us, even highlight, the fact that we are hard wired beings. The tools of yoga assist us in healing, growth and promoting healthy flow of energy from head to toe. It is through this level of practice that we recognize and move from patterns that no longer serve to ...

  • Yoga Ritual Welcome

    Welcome FWFG friends!

    Your 7 Day Yoga & Meditation series is here! These sessions are a combination of fire and grace.

    -Water with lemon in the morning (It is okay if you don't have lemon just have a glass of water first thing in the morning before anything else.)
    15 min Yoga and 5 min s...

  • Yoga Ritual - 2 - STRETCH (20 min.)

    Day 2 - let's get moving, evaluate and get present with the sensation as you STRETCH. Stretching with intention for 7 days straight will shift the way you carry your body daily, improving your posture and mood! Enjoy!

    + Water with lemon in AM
    + Daily walk, any distance

    Share with us how it...

  • Yoga Ritual - 1 - GROUND (21 min.)

    Day 1 - set your intentions and practice Ground. Get used to sitting quietly for 5 minutes each day for 7 days. Especially if it is new. I will guide you.

    + Water with lemon in AM
    + Daily walk, any distance

    Share with us how it went below.


  • Yoga Ritual - 5 - DETOX (21 min.)

    Day 5 - rock the DETOX but think more about purifying. Ridding the body of toxic thoughts and opening up to patterns that serve. Commit to strong and powerful breath today, okay?


    + Water with lemon in AM
    + Daily walk, any distance

    Tell me how it's going down below!