Monthly Yoga Playlist

Monthly Yoga Playlist

A playlist of the yoga practices for this month's yoga calendar. You can get all the details of the calendar and download a printable of the calendar at

This playlist will be updated with the new Sunday videos when they are released.

The entire playlist will be updated at the end of each month with the next month's calendar of practices.

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Monthly Yoga Playlist
  • Yoga for Stress Relief

    (The first video on our December Yoga calendar. You can get all the details of the calendar and download a printable of the calendar at
    This yoga practice is great for a tired body and a busy mind. Try this sequence to calm the nervous system and do a little e...

  • Foundations Of Shoulder Stand (31 min.)

    Foundations Of Shoulder Stand - Yoga With Adriene

    Foundations Of Shoulder Stand, Sarvangasana, The Candle Pose for Beginners! In this Foundations Of Yoga video, Adriene guides a practice of Shoulder Stand for beginners. Though not for everybody, Shoulder Stand is known as the mother of all asa...

  • Yoga For Detox

    Join Adriene for this sweaty cleansing Yoga For Detox practice! This detox yoga sequence is designed to make you sweat as you build strength and twist it out. Massage the internal organs, tone the body and shed weight with this mindful yoga flow for detoxification and digestion!

  • Yoga For Sciatica

    This gentle and supportive practice is soothing for those who are in recovery from pain or injury and ready to easy back into a physical practice. This yummy yoga sequence is also great for those looking for solid preventative care and injury prevention!

    Dear friends, please note: if you are...

  • 10-Minute Yoga for Self Care

    10 min Yoga For Self Care invites you to take 10 min of your day to practice self care and love of self. We spend a lot of time on our phones, computers, in traffic, working and taking care of others. Take TEN to tend to your mind and body with this practice that combines yoga asana, breath and m...

  • Yoga for Depression (15 min.)

    Yoga For Depression is a 15 min yoga practice to help to help balance and restore both the physical and emotional body. Tend to your nervous system through mindful yoga to tend to the brain and body connect in a powerful way. With a focus on the breath this yoga practice invites you to be kind, b...

  • Yoga For Couch Potatoes

    We are taking the idea of home practice to a new level here. Per your request - here are some ideas for things you can do while relaxing or restoring on your couch! Practice this yoga sequence when you are feeling a little blah or stir crazy! Use some of these stretches during a commercial break....

  • Yoga for Weight Loss - Abs & Arms

    Build strength from the inside out as we tone the lower belly and abdominal wall. Find tone and shape in the muscles of the arm as we work on balance and stability! Bring the principles of yoga into the mixture for a strengthening practice that you can manage at home on your own. Meet your edge b...

  • Yoga For Equestrians (33 min.)

    Yoga for Equestrians is a 33 Minute at home yoga practice designed to provide stability, strengthening and gentle release. Whether you are a horse rider or a city slicker, this session provides opportunity for core connection with mindful love for the lower back, the legs and the psoas.
    In poses...

  • Yoga for Hangovers

    Tend to your throbbing headache, nurture your system and find what feels good with the gentle and rejuvenating practice. You don't have to be hungover or have a headache to enjoy this sequence! Heal your body. Breathe deep. Onward, we move.

  • Garland Pose (9 min.)

    This pose is a great hip opener! Good for stretching and strengthening the feet, the ankles and the back body. Great for the the belly and increasing full body awareness and good posture. A fantastic pose for pregnant women too!

  • Yoga For Anxiety

    Use the tools of yoga to find peace and support from within. This simple practice is hands free and low to the ground. Good for when you are feeling anxiety or seeking more balance in your life. Especially in a time when we are so focused on the body - use this practice to tend to your mind, your...

  • Yoga For Lower Back Pain

    Adriene leads a Yoga sequence For Lower Back Pain - offering you the tools to assist in healing and preventive care. Practice this sequence regularly and stay tuned for more sequences for the lower back and happy spine. Follow this sequence up with a gentle cobra stretch or bridge pose. Always li...

  • Yoga For Loneliness (20 min)

    Yoga For Loneliness is an all levels sequence that will serve anyone who is lonely, or anyone who has ever felt alone. This hands free, low to the ground practice stays off the knees and opens up the body with the breath uniting mind and body in a way that serves. You are not alone! Connect to th...

  • Yoga For Weight Loss (38 min.)

    This yoga for weight loss sequence is designed to reunite you with not just your abs but your mindful core.

    Connect with your breath, build strength, tone belly fat, burn calories, detoxify, improve digestion and support a happy healthy back with this customized practice with Adriene!

  • Anchor In Hope Practice (17 min.)

    Anchor In Hope - Grounding Yoga

    Join Adriene for a sweet 18 minute yoga flow created to inspire grounding and balance. This practice is an invitation to trust. Just as we condition and strengthen our bodies, so too can we condition and strengthen our sense of trust and hope. With this quick fl...

  • Yoga For Anxiety & Stress

    Awaken The Force! Move from the darkness into the light! Yoga has your back! In this practice video Adriene guides you through breath and body practices that serve you when you feel bad. Learn breathing techniques and spinal work that will assist you in moments of stress. Find release, create spa...

  • Yoga For The Winter Blues

    Yoga to Beat the Winer Blues is great for anyone who wants to stir up the energetic body and stretch and strengthen the physical body. Great to counter hours on the couch or reading in bed! Warm it up with this sequence designed to assist you in checking in with the mind and body in its current s...

  • Yoga for Headaches

    Try this nurturing yoga practice when you have a headache. Yoga is an amazing tool for healing and with regular practice we can even begin to prevent the aches before they take over. Reduce stress and relieve tension with this practice. Reduce the intake of pain killers with a healing yoga appr...

  • Yoga For Acid Reflux (12 min.)

    This gentle yoga sequence will offer anyone an opportunity to connect with their breath, relieve tension in the neck, wake up the body and find balance from within. This is a great practice for those suffering from acid reflux as it does not have any inversions or ab stimulators. It is also great...

  • Meditation For Anxiety (14 min.)

    15 Minute Meditation For Anxiety guides you through a simple at home meditation to provide relief from anxiety, stress and energetic imbalance. Find a comfortable seat, tune into your breath and soften. Return to this practice regularly for preventative care. Great for beginners!

  • Confidence Boost Yoga

    Confidence Boost Yoga! Add mindfulness and consciousness to your life with this Yoga With Adriene practice. Perfect to try before an interview or an event. Or, an ideal opportunity to ground and experience your full potential energy. You are amazing. It’s time to rock.

    Let me know how it goe...

  • 7-minute Yoga for Bedtime

    This 7 Minute Bedtime Yoga With Adriene is designed to help you wind down, stretch out and feel good. This short and gentle mindfulness practice will help you calm the nervous system and prepare for a for healthy night of rest. Prepare to feel relaxed and loved!

  • Cozy Yoga (38 min.)

    Cozy Yoga is the ultimate at home yoga practice for the whole family! All bodies and all types welcome for this gentle 40 min Yoga With Adriene (and Benji) practice designed to help you balance the energy of your body, process, stretch, soothe and Find What Feels Good.

    Hop into something extr...