Monthly Yoga Playlist

Monthly Yoga Playlist

A playlist of the yoga practices for this month's yoga calendar. You can get all the details of the calendar and download a printable of the calendar at

This playlist will be updated with the new Sunday videos when they are released.

The entire playlist will be updated at the end of each month with the next month's calendar of practices.

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Monthly Yoga Playlist
  • Yoga Rinse (17 min.)

    Yoga Rinse invites you to the mat to wash away the day or welcome a fresh outlook. This is a great 15 min practice to begin anew! Use it to return to the mat or use it to find peace on a rough day. You are in the driver's seat. To be happy is to be healthy! Take this time on your mat for you. Con...

  • REBIRTH MEDITATION with Adriene & Benji (10 min.)

    Join me for this relaxing 10 minute meditation designed to guide you back to a balanced energy state.

    Let go of limiting thoughts, release the need to control, and learn to lovingly embrace who you really are.

    There is no prerequisite for this experience. Simply take 10 minutes to show up for y...

  • Rainbow Yoga For All Ages! (16 min.)

    Rainbow Yoga for all Ages! | Yoga With Adriene

    Rainbow Yoga! The perfect 17 minute practice to brighten your day, to help turn darkness into light. Great for ALL AGES!

    Breathe deep, create a healthy flow of energy in the spine, and let go of any stress or tension that might be stored in the...

  • Yoga for Relaxation

    This yoga sequence is perfect for those seeking to relax and relieve anxiety. Perfect for a recovery day and perfect for those needing a little time for yourself. This yoga practice is fun, slow and stretchy and great for all levels and those seeking to deepen their practice with a connection to ...

  • Freedom Glow Yoga (28 min.)

    Freedom Glow Yoga! Hop on the mat for this fierce, focused and fun yoga flow practice! Take this playful and mindful approach to cultivate heat from within, strengthen and tone! Learn this practice and then find freedom within the form as you build confidence, strength and stamina. This sequence ...