Monthly Yoga Playlist

Monthly Yoga Playlist

A playlist of the yoga practices for this month's yoga calendar. You can get all the details of the calendar and download a printable of the calendar at

This playlist will be updated with the new Sunday videos when they are released.

The entire playlist will be updated at the end of each month with the next month's calendar of practices.

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Monthly Yoga Playlist
  • Yoga For Healthy Digestion

    Yoga for Healthy Digestion is a suitable practice for all levels and perfect for the winter holiday season. Adriene encourages you to breathe deep and focus on the sensations of the body to go deeper and experience the therapeutic benefits of Yoga practice in addition to the home workout. You can...

  • Yoga for Sensitive Knees (31 min.)

    Gain awareness and sensibility as you build strength and stability for the knees. This session is perfect for those seeking to deepen their asana and cultivate a sustainable and long lasting healthy practice. This 30 min Yoga With Adriene targets full body without putting any pressure on the knee...

  • Feel Good Flow

    Yoga With Adriene, Travel Edition! Feel Good Flow! Shot on location in Playa Maderas in Nicaragua! This 20 min practice invites you to practice being present as you build strength and tone. Let go of your attachment to the past or future and use the tools of yoga to allow your present awareness t...

  • Yoga For Insecurity (23 min.)

    When we feed insecurities we can easily forget that we are capable, loved and worthy of so much.

    When we are insecure we limit possibilities for growth and turn into folks who are just trying to survive.

    I fell in love with yoga because it guides me to recognize my power.

    When I choose...

  • Yoga for New Beginnings (18 min.)

    Yoga For New Beginnings is the perfect at home yoga practice for those wanting to create space in mind and body. Open your mind and heart and welcome in fresh breath, joy, opportunity and self love.