Monthly Yoga Playlist

Monthly Yoga Playlist

A playlist of the yoga practices for this month's yoga calendar. You can get all the details of the calendar and download a printable of the calendar at

This playlist will be updated with the new Sunday videos when they are released.

The entire playlist will be updated at the end of each month with the next month's calendar of practices.

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Monthly Yoga Playlist
  • Yoga Ritual - 5 - DETOX (21 min.)

    Day 5 - rock the DETOX but think more about purifying. Ridding the body of toxic thoughts and opening up to patterns that serve. Commit to strong and powerful breath today, okay?


    + Water with lemon in AM
    + Daily walk, any distance

    Tell me how it's going down below!


  • Yoga Ritual - 6 - POWER (21 min.)

    Day 6 - POWER practice. Meet your appropriate edge today. Lean in. Stick with it and do not quit.
    Yoga and sit.. quietly with what is.

    + Water with lemon in AM
    + Daily walk, any distance

    You can.


  • Yoga Ritual - 7 - EASE (22 min.)

    Day 7 - is a yoga and mediation heaven. You made it. Our final day of Yoga Ritual. Wear something extra comfy and celebrate your commitment to your self.

    Listen to yourself and say THIS is how I feel. That is where the good stuff occurs.

    + Water with lemon in AM
    + Daily walk, any distan...

  • Greet The Day Yoga (39 min.)

    Set yourself up for greatness so you can be the awesome and amazing being that you are. This practice starts off slow and steady - focusing the mind as you gently warm up the body.

    Stretch, strengthen and balance the energetic systems of the body to relieve stress, tension and anxiety. This y...

  • Movement Medicine - Energy (16 min.)

    This 15 minute practice starts off slowly and builds to a swift and energizing practice. Use this video when you need a reset or need to clear the cache. Only fifteen minutes of breath and movement and you will step off your mat and into your life feeling energized and refreshed. This movement me...