This program is designed to reboot both your mind and body, build strength and flexibility and form positive new habits. This journey is about hitting the refresh button, setting intentions that serve you and having fun. Reboot invites you to check in, work hard and always bring your best sense of humor to the mat.

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  • REBOOT 1 - RECONNECT (49 min.)

    This sequence will re-connect you to your breath and body in its present state. We will evaluate the current state of the body, connecting to our truth, as well as setting the tone for the challenge ahead while building a strong foundation. This practice will focus on moving with ease, paying att...

  • REBOOT 2 - RESET (38 min.)

    RESET is about stretching and strengthening from the inside out. We will take the ease we found in video 1 and pair it with our strength training. This practice is intended to wake up the body in a mindful way and create space both physically and mentally so you are strong, flexible and ready for...

  • REBOOT 3 - REJUVENATE (42 min.)

    In this sequence we will rinse & revitalize the internal organs and work to get fresh oxygen into the body. A key part of losing weight and total body transformation is tending to your insides! In this practice we will stimulate digestion, increase metab- olism and deepen the breath. This practic...

  • REBOOT 4 - REDEEM (49 min.)

    In this sequence we will use a strong connection to core, spinal flex, strength training, flexibility and pranayama (breath) to flow and remember to have fun. We will challenge our bodies by finding our edge through balancing postures and mindful deep stretching.

    REDEEM is about cashing in and...

  • REBOOT Guide

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