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REVOLUTION - 31 Days of Yoga

31 Days of free yoga practice, an act of self love, a rigorous bootcamp and an act of personal storytelling all tied up in a feel good bow.

The goal: to be more present.

Further results: feel more smiley, enjoy body image, sit taller, walk lighter, move with more ease and have more energy for crushing it at life.

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  • Revolution - Day 1 - Practice Ease


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    Your Day 1 yoga practice is about setting the tone for your journey by establishing ease. We clear the slate and start fresh welcoming soft stretching, gentle core awakening and a b...

  • Revolution - Day 2 - Practice Intention


    Your Day 2 yoga practice invites you to focus on what it feels like to move with breath and intention. This practice blends yoga philosophy with your workout and continues to lay the foundation for beginners and beginners mind to grow from. Stay present, listen to your body every step of the way....

  • Revolution - Day 3 - Honor Practice


    Your Day 3 yoga practice invites you to accept and honor who you are and where you are each time you hit the yoga mat. You are going to meet resistance, perhaps you already have. So today, instead of turning off, away or giving up -we not only accept where we are but practice honoring it.


  • Revolution - Day 5 - Practice Rhythm


    Your Day 5 yoga practice magnifies the fact that - you are alive! This yoga session asks you have some fun, get into a groove and cultivate a listening that is in the moment. Don’t decide where it ends. Don’t sell yourself short. Practice getting in tune with your natural rhythm! Move with streng...

  • Revolution - Day 4 - Prana Practice


    Your Day 4 yoga practice is an invitation right to the good stuff. Prana practice guides to you create a healthy flow of energy in the body. Cultivating healthy energy flow, or prana, is a must for those seeking total mind and body health. It is also a process that goes way beyond the yoga mat. T...

  • Revolution - Day 6 - Attention (and Abs) Practice


    Your Day 6 practice asks you to befriend your body. Our modern cultures have trained our minds to think of the body in a very distorted way. The language we use to shape the way we think about the body needs to be tended to. So it with a great irony and fun humor that I include ABS into Day 6 rou...

  • Revolution - Day 7 - Stability Practice


    Your Day 7 Yoga practice is hands free! We cultivate good space with Sukha in week one, this week we establish Sthira, or stability. Use this practice to reset, stretch and ground. Re-connect, restore tired muscles and improve your posture.

    Stability practice lays the foundation for an amazin...

  • Revolution - Day 8 - Practice Serenity


    Your Day 8 yoga practice is soft and sweet. This Yin like sequence is yummy and restorative. REVOLUTION continues to marry yoga and yoga philosophy in the modern world. This is more than just a rest day. It’s an opportunity to blanket yourself in love. Notice agitation and use the practice to wel...

  • Revolution - Day 9 - Empower Practice


    Your Day 9 yoga practice invites you to get fierce and feel fine! Get strong in a way that feels good. We go deeper. This strong practice gets the heart rate up, tones the muscles and increases blood flow. Connect to your inner wisdom AND get a good workout.

    Remember it’s not about the poses...

  • Revolution - Day 10 - Thoughtful Practice


  • Revolution - Day 11 - Align Practice


    Your Day 11 Yoga practice is supportive and designed to help you align or re-align with what serves. We are creatures of habit and we are wired good.

    Use this Day 11 alignment based yoga practice to explore moving the body as a whole. Focus on alignment and use this holistic and fun approach ...

  • Revolution - Day 12 - In Sync Practice


    Your Day 12 Yoga practice guides you to evolve your relationship and commitment to pranayama, or breath. By committing to your breath in yoga practice you are committing to your total wellbeing. The result is a clear mind and calm nervous system. This is also a swift practice so in addition we co...

  • Revolution - Day 13 - Practice Opening


    Your Day 13 Yoga practice is perfect for when you need to hit the refresh button and gain fresh perspective. This refreshing practice eases in and invites you to connect to breath and open up to the present moment. Feel it out. Open the hips, open the shoulders and relieve stress energy from the ...

  • Revolution - Day 14 - Forgiveness Practice


    Your Day 14 Yoga practice is a treat of self care, stretching sore muscles and Find What Feels Good. We begin today’s practice with some self massage and the art of noticing. Less is more. This practice continues to invite you to unite with the breath and use that as a tool for self love. Yoga ph...

  • Revolution - Day 15 - Fearless Practice


    Your Day 15 Yoga practice asks you to check in with body and breath as a way of cultivating more and more awareness. Regular practice is more effective than an intense hot yoga every once in awhile. Integrate. Take your time. Check in. The journey continues! The vocabulary grows. Move fearlessly ...

  • Revolution - Day 16 - Sweet Practice


  • Revolution - Day 17 - Practice Stillness


    Your Day 17 Practice honors the fact that you have been working hard! A slow and low to the ground practice to ground you and make you smile. Allow the power of the breath to move you in this solid home yoga practice.

    Each time you come to your mat you have an opportunity to be present. Today,...

  • Revolution - Day 18 - Balancing - Practice


    Your Day 18 yoga practice starts with a standing warm up and eases into a yoga flow for balance and transformation! Enjoy a flood of warming energy as you flow. Bring calm alertness to the mind and body. Clear your mind, build lean muscle, trim, tone - all from a place of connect. This practice o...

  • Revolution - Day 19 - Light Practice


    Your Day 19 practice invites you to step into your power via a special secret weapon! This practice massages the internal organs and promotes healthy movement of energy. Stretch, strengthen, move on your mat with grace. This light practice is sure to support you in dark times and sure to leave yo...

  • Revolution - Day 20 - Practice Peace


    Your Day 20 practice invites you to grab a blanket and focus on the power of Shanti, or peace. This is an important practice as we continue to explore the relevance of Yoga in our world today. Today’s yoga is gentle and smooth inviting you to become absorbed in the sound of your breath.


  • Revolution - Day 21 - Practice Strength


    Your Day 21 practice invites you to go inward and find strength.
    When we become strong and aware in our inner world, we are able to move with strength and awareness in the outer world.

    Tap into your resources! We work to build muscle today but more importantly we use this opportunity to gai...

  • Revolution - Day 22 - Gentle Practice


    Your Day 22 practice is a rest day for the body! It’s supportive, low to the ground and hands free, providing relief for arms and wrists. Tap into the breath and practice moving in a way that feels kind and gentle. If you want to be healthy it starts with identifying ways in which you can be kind...

  • Revolution - Day 23 - Discipline Practice


    Your Day 23 yoga practice invites you to contemplate discipline. Tap into the breath and use this special blend of yoga to bring the focus inward. Discipline allows us to overcome the ways in which we are limiting ourselves. So, keep up the good work. Keep showing up for the practice!

    This ses...