REVOLUTION - 31 Days of Yoga

REVOLUTION - 31 Days of Yoga

31 Days of free yoga practice, an act of self love, a rigorous bootcamp and an act of personal storytelling all tied up in a feel good bow.

The goal: to be more present.

Further results: feel more smiley, enjoy body image, sit taller, walk lighter, move with more ease and have more energy for crushing it at life.

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REVOLUTION - 31 Days of Yoga
  • Revolution - Day 24 - Practice Patience (47 min.)

    Your Day 24 yoga practice invites you back to the mat to practice mindfulness and patience. The journey continues and today our vocabulary grows. We continue to allow the story to unfold. Now is the time to take care of yourself. To practice, to play and to be present with what is. Use the Day 24...

  • Revolution - Day 25 - Root Practice (18 min.)

    Your Day 25 yoga practice balances and restores the grounding energy of the body. The last week of REVOLUTION is special. Continue to deepen your breath and ground in the process. We will play with awareness in the base of the spine working action, alignment and energy.

    PS: Root Chakra Yoga!

  • Revolution - Day 26 - Creativity Practice (20 min.)

    Your Day 26 yoga practice invites you to find freedom within the form. Today we explore fluidity, tap into the lower core and awaken creative energy that serves. Let's play!



  • Revolution - Day 27 - Self Practice (27 min.)

    Your Day 27 yoga practice invites to consider why we show up, why we do yoga, why we do the work. Take a journey inward, toward yourself.

    Have fun!



  • Revolution - Day 28 - Heart Practice (26 min.)

    Your Day 28 yoga practice invites you to stretch tight muscles while opening your heart. We continue to combine asana, breath and intention to heal energetic imbalances and raise our consciousness.

    Booyah! Share your experience down below!



  • Revolution - Day 29 - Truth Practice (14 min.)

    Your Day 29 yoga practice invites you to be authentic, to do your best and to ask, “Is it true?” Revolution is designed to trim, tone and build lean muscle. It is a killer yoga bootcamp! However, today’s short practice reminds us to always go back to connecting with what matter’s most. It’s a pra...

  • Revolution - Day 30 - Intuition Practice (27 min.)

    Your day 30 yoga practice invites you to use the tools of yoga to connect with your inner teacher. Hone in on deep listening, challenge yourself and uncover the wisdom within.

    Renew the relationship with your gut! Your inner instincts guide the way toward a strong, fierce and conscious practic...

  • Revolution - Day 31 - Practice Presence (34 min.)

    Your Day 31 yoga practice celebrates the journey and your commitment to you. The goal of our final session together is the goal of REVOLUTION, to be PRESENT. This practice is both simple and profound. Use your vocabulary, trust, connect and tap into what feels good.

    The light in me honors the ...