REVOLUTION - 31 Days of Yoga

REVOLUTION - 31 Days of Yoga

31 Days of free yoga practice, an act of self love, a rigorous bootcamp and an act of personal storytelling all tied up in a feel good bow.

The goal: to be more present.

Further results: feel more smiley, enjoy body image, sit taller, walk lighter, move with more ease and have more energy for crushing it at life.

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REVOLUTION - 31 Days of Yoga
  • Revolution - Day 7 - Stability Practice (30 min.)

    Your Day 7 Yoga practice is hands free! We cultivate good space with Sukha in week one, this week we establish Sthira, or stability. Use this practice to reset, stretch and ground. Re-connect, restore tired muscles and improve your posture.

    Stability practice lays the foundation for an amazin...

  • Revolution - Day 6 - Attention (and Abs) Practice (36 min.)

    Your Day 6 practice asks you to befriend your body. Our modern cultures have trained our minds to think of the body in a very distorted way. The language we use to shape the way we think about the body needs to be tended to. So it with a great irony and fun humor that I include ABS into Day 6 rou...

  • Revolution - Day 5 - Practice Rhythm (31 min.)

    Your Day 5 yoga practice magnifies the fact that - you are alive! This yoga session asks you have some fun, get into a groove and cultivate a listening that is in the moment. Don’t decide where it ends. Don’t sell yourself short. Practice getting in tune with your natural rhythm! Move with streng...

  • Revolution - Day 4 - Prana Practice (33 min.)

    Your Day 4 yoga practice is an invitation right to the good stuff. Prana practice guides to you create a healthy flow of energy in the body. Cultivating healthy energy flow, or prana, is a must for those seeking total mind and body health. It is also a process that goes way beyond the yoga mat. T...

  • Revolution - Day 3 - Honor Practice (29 min.)

    Your Day 3 yoga practice invites you to accept and honor who you are and where you are each time you hit the yoga mat. You are going to meet resistance, perhaps you already have. So today, instead of turning off, away or giving up -we not only accept where we are but practice honoring it.


  • Revolution - Day 2 - Practice Intention (31 min.)

    Your Day 2 yoga practice invites you to focus on what it feels like to move with breath and intention. This practice blends yoga philosophy with your workout and continues to lay the foundation for beginners and beginners mind to grow from. Stay present, listen to your body every step of the way....

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  • Revolution - Day 1 - Practice Ease (23 min.)

    Your Day 1 yoga practice is about setting the tone for your journey by establishing ease. We clear the slate and start fresh welcoming soft stretching, gentle core awakening and a beginners mind. Move with ease and set yourself up for a smooth ride in this low to the ground yoga practice.