Shanti Series

Shanti Series

The Shanti Series guides you to find peace here and now - no matter what is going on. If you are going thru challenges or troubles or if you are riding on the top of the wave, meet yourself on the mat to evoke Shanti, peace. Drop in and enjoy!

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Shanti Series
  • The Shanti Series - Yoga Flow For Inner Peace (19 min.)

    This 20 min intermediate flow is designed to condition the body while cleansing the mind. If you are new to the practice and want to give go - I encourage you to! Simply move at your own pace, modify your vinyasa and stay focused on your breath.

    This series guides you to find peace here and no...

  • The Shanti Series - Primal Peace Sequence (20 min.)

    This unique 20 min sequence invites mobility and flexibility in the shoulders and upper back body while building muscle and joint stability in the lower body. Get your heart rate up without causing the nervous system distress! Your practice and your work out should not stress you out. It should l...

  • The Shanti Series - Calm Core (14 min.)

    This 15 min supplementary practice can be done with another session in The Shanti Series as a warm up, or, do on its own with the option to repeat for more.

    Your breath is a key component as we target the muscles of your abdominal wall and develop long lean muscles. This session builds core t...

  • Shanti Meditation (11 min.)

    From my heart to yours! Take a moment to connect to yourself and guide your focus inward with this delicious Shanti Meditation.

    No meditation experience is necessary to enjoy this sweet guided session. We will tune in, move through pranayama, and scan the body with awareness to cultivate power...