Yoga with Marnie

Yoga with Marnie

Practice with my friend and fellow yoga teacher, Marnie Castor! Marnie’s wisdom, energetic care and authenticity is un-dismissible and contagious.

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Yoga with Marnie
  • Shoulder Vitamins with Marnie Castor (24 min.)

    Let’s face it: our shoulders bear the brunt of our modern lifestyle. At any point in our day we find ourselves slumped over our desks, our phones, our steering wheels.

    Over time this causes our shoulders to round and our chest to collapse in. Help is on the way.

    This "Shoulder Vitamin" sequ...

  • Hip Strength with Marnie Castor (36 min.)

    Having an awareness and wisdom about hip practice only came to me much later on in my yoga journey. I am glad it did as it influences almost all my daily moves, including regular exercise and a sustainable daily asana practice. It’s my pleasure to welcome Marnie back for this healthy and happy hi...

  • Yoga For Adrenal Fatigue (24 min.)

    Hi dear members! I am so excited to welcome guest teacher Marnie Castor for this restorative home practice. Bust out your props, or get creative at home. Slow down. I hope you enjoy!


    Let’s face it, these are some crazy times we are living in. Whether you are running...

  • Yoga For FOMO (10 min.)

    Yoga For FOMO: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) can be emotionally crippling and a real bummer. Nobody wants to feel left out. We can spend the evening staring into our phones wishing we were somewhere else, OR we can create our own fun by learning the art of arm balances!

    You can learn to fly in ...

  • Yoga For Menopause (57 min.)

    It is my great honor and pleasure to invite Marnie Castor on to guide you through this practice. Marnie’s wisdom, energetic care and authenticity is un-dismissible and contagious. I hope you enjoy this practice and her other sessions on the membership. They were so fun to make.