Yoga with Rey

Yoga with Rey

Workshop and practice with my friend, fellow yoga teacher, and studio owner, Rey Cardenas!

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Yoga with Rey
  • Look Ma, No Hands: Stepping Back with Rey (18 min.)

    In this video we continue the theme of practicing without bearing weight in the hands. The most common way instructors transition people into standing poses is by having their students step into them from down dog. Rather than stepping forward from down dog, in this video you’ll transition into t...

  • Look Ma, No Hands: Energizing Floor Practice (22 min.)

    You requested it. We heard you. It is my pleasure to welcome Rey to lead this smart, fun, and energizing hands free practice.



    Look Ma, No Hands! Welcome to this hands free series! A big request by yogis of all types. This session serves as a quick energy boost wit...

  • At the Wall - Handstand Workshop! (16 min.)

    Per your request! I invite my friend Rey to help guide you a safe development of handstand! Remember to take your time, remember to be mindful and don’t forget to have fun. “The journey is the reward!”


    In this video, we'll cover a step by step break of how t...

  • Get Wheel - A Back Bending Practice with Rey Cardenas (36 min.)

    Welcome to GET WHEEL, a class on back bending! In this video, I welcome my friend and yoga teacher Rey Cardenas to teach us how to GET WHEEL.



    Wheel is one the scariest, most challenging poses out there. The challenge in wheel, and back bends in general, is ...

  • High Priestess Practice with Rey Cardenas (40 min.)

    I'm so happy to welcome back my friend and colleague Rey Cardenas! Rey is a master of symbology and alignment. With these two elements combined, I find his work and his way of sharing yoga to be just what the doctor ordered, especially for the at home yogi wanting to go deeper. He is kind, his he...

  • Magician Practice With Rey (29 min.)

    Arm Balance Practice - inspired by the first Major Arcana of the Tarot, The Magician!

    Join Adriene and Rey for practice! This short, playful arm balance practice is inspired by the first Major Arcana of the Tarot, The Magician. The Magician is the bridge between heaven and earth. Drawing from ...

  • Hip Stability - One Rule You Should Follow (21 min.)

    My guest series with Rey continues! In this session we discuss the importance of engaging the muscles that you are stretching.

    Rey and I agree that in life and in yoga we seek the minimum amount of necessary rules so that we can be truly be free. On the mat at home, there are no rules in my b...

  • Shoulder Health and Wealth (28 min.)

    Join me in welcoming my friend, fellow yoga teacher and studio owner, Rey Cardenas.

    In this workshop style video we discuss activations for preventing or relieving shoulder pain. We also ask, what does it mean to have an advanced practice? And, can you have too much of a "good" thing?